A unique vertical design helps better utilize valuable floor space

Dependable, smooth running, clean & quiet!

In today’s modern facilities, space is of greater concern than ever. With this in mind, HiMEC Conveyors created the VERT-A-CON Conveyor, the latest in conveyor technology. Its unique vertical design better utilizes your valuable floor space.

The VERT-A-CON Conveyor is constructed of heavy duty tubular stainless steel or solid bar and an open design for maximum clean ability, making it product friendly and sanitary. Volta Superior Drive Series belting comes standard, but there are other options available so you can customize the VERT-A-CON to fit your needs. The VERT-A-CON allows you to move your product vertically without buckets, perfect for shredded cheese, cereal, candy, meats and more.
This conveyor system requires less maintenance than conventional bucket elevators. VERT-A-CON Conveyors offer a product-friendly sanitary solution that is easily cleaned and offers extended belt life for applications handling abrasive products.  It moves the products smoother and faster while utilizing less floor space with the VERT-A-CON Conveyor.

VERT-A-CON Conveyors Brochure