Customizing and fabricating quality conveyor systems

HiMEC Conveyors has more than 25 years’ experience designing, customizing and building conveyors for the food processing, dairy, medical, and OEM industries. We specialize in providing innovative design solutions for our customers’ difficult product handling situations. Our specialty and sheet metal fabricators understand the need for durable, ergonomic, and easily maintained conveyors, decking and equipment. We offer competitive prices to ensure a quality return on your investment.

Part of Harris Companies since 2005, HiMEC Conveyors is able to draw on the company’s financial strength as well as the resources and expertise of its offices located across the United States.

HiMEC Conveyors offers standard and customized conveyors to suit your needs. We establish strong lines of communication with our customers and work together as a team to ensure that we offer the right solutions for each unique product handling challenge.

HiMEC Conveyors can provide your company with a variety of decking options. We construct our decking products using stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel or other available composites. We offer ergonomic cleaning platforms for easy access to tanks and other machinery for the purpose of sanitation. In congested areas, HiMEC Conveyors will design crossovers constructed of aluminum, stainless steel or painted carbon steel to provide easier access to these hard-to-reach areas.

From installation to start-up, HiMEC Conveyors provides a seamless approach to your special engineering projects with our design-build process.  As part of our focus on customer satisfaction, HiMEC Conveyors will move you into your new space and reconfigure floor plans to make sure everything fits. When you work with HiMEC Conveyors, we ensure operational efficiency, code compliance and provide you with the comprehensive documents you need.