Delivering space-saving elevation and true low tension design

A favorite in the food processing Industry

SPIR-A-CON Conveyors are the sophisticated, clean and simple way to elevate or lower all of your fragile products. HiMEC Conveyors will custom design, build and fabricate a SPIR-A-CON conveyor system to suit your needs. With space-saving elevation and its true low tension design, the SPIR-A-CON conveyor is the perfect conveyor for use in the food processing industry.

A SPIR-A-CON conveyor has a higher throughput capacity, consumes less energy and requires less maintenance. Plus the SPIR-A-CON conveyor from HiMEC Conveyors is amazingly quiet.

SPIR-A-CON conveyor systems utilize existing floor space making them more effective than conventional conveyor methods. They are preassembled and tested before being installed, so it drastically reduces the time and cost of the final installations. The entire plastic belt on the SPIR-A-CON conveyor is FDA/USDA approved.

The versatile functionality of the SPIR-A-CON conveyors from HiMEC makes this conveyor so  great to work with. Single item products can be arranged in multiple lanes or loose products can flow freely. The products can run forward or in reverse and the fine mesh belt allows even very small items to be transported.

New Modular Spiral Brochure

SPIR-A-CON Conveyors Brochure